The Drexel Metals Econo Coping System is a two part assembly that includes a continuous cleat and a decorative cover for single-ply commercial roof systems. The Econo Coping is available in prepainted Kynar500® .040” formed aluminum as 24 gauge Galvalume steel. This product features two cleat options: 22 gauge or 24 (LT) gauge prepunched cleats with fasteners spaced at 12” on center. All products come in standard 10’ standard cleat and coping cover lengths. Concealed splice plates and fasteners are included with the purchase of this product.

Features and Benefits

  • Material:
    • .040” thick formed aluminum
    • 24 ga Galvalume coated steel
  • Finish:
    • Available in over 36 colors, Drexlume finish, or bare/unpainted mill finish aluminum.
  • Length:
    • Standard 10’-0”, or up to 20’-0” maximum.
  • Attachment:
    • 1-1/4” Stainless Steel Ring Shank Nails provided by Drexel attached to substrate at 12” on center through Cleat.
    • Certified per ANSI/SPRI ES-1 Standard to a design pressure of 90 lbs./ft2 (24GA Steel) and 75 lbs./ft2 (.040” AL) to comply with the International Building Code.
  • Installation Guide
  • Print Approval
  • Spring Tite Specification
  • Wind Calculator


Roof Edge for Flat Roofing


  • Galvalume:
    • High-performance painted metal roofing product, carefully tension leveled for superior flatness.
    • 35-year Warranty
    • 35-year Non Pro-rated PVDF Paint Warranty
  • Drexlume:
    • Mill-finished Galvalume with two-sided, clear acrylic finish
    • 25-year Warranty
    • 25-year Non Pro-Rated Drexlume Warranty
  • Aluminum
    • High-performance painted metal roofing product, carefully tensioned leveled for superior flatness.
    • 35-year Warranty
    • 35-year Non Pro-Rated PVDF Paint Warranty


  • Miters, Termination Ends, and End Caps shall be fabricated to suit the conditions indicated on the Shop Drawings.
  • Provide Drexmet fasteners consistent with manufacturer’s instructions for each product that is suitable for the substrate to which it is being installed.