From the highest wind resistance to lighter duty, our perimeter systems have you covered.  Drexel Metals perimeter edge-to-edge and ES-1 complaint systems are built weather-tough with premium quality, heavy-gauge materials and a fully supporting anchor chair that will meet the strictest of standards.  The anchor chair is manufactured in continuous lengths and pre-punched, taking the guesswork out of cleat fastener spacing.  This unique design prevents sag and supports the coping for a markedly superior installation that’s also quick and easy.  Spring-Tite copings are precision-engineered to provide maximum wind resistance and eliminate roof edge blow off.


  • Roof Edge for Flat Roofing


  • Galvalume:
    High-performance painted metal roofing product, carefully tension leveled for superior flatness.
    35-year Warranty
    35-year Non Pro-rated PVDF Paint Warranty
  • Drexlume:
    Mill-finished Galvalume with two-sided, clear acrylic finish
    25-year Warranty
    25-year Non Pro-Rated Drexlume Warranty
  • Aluminum
    High-performance painted metal roofing product, carefully tensioned leveled for superior flatness.
    35-year Warranty
    35-year Non Pro-Rated PVDF Paint Warrant


  • Material:
    • .040” thick formed aluminum
    • 24 ga Galvalume coated steel
  • Finish:
    • Available in over 36 colors, Drexlume finish, or bare/unpainted mill finish aluminum.
  • Length:
    • Standard 10’-0”, or up to 20’-0” maximum.
  •  Attachment:
    • 1-1/4” Stainless Steel Ring Shank Nails provided by Drexel attached to substrate at 12” on center through Cleat.
    • Certified per ANSI/SPRI ES-1 Standard to a design pressure of 390 lbs./ft2 (24GA Steel) and 410 lbs./ft2 (.040” AL) to comply with the International Building Code.


  • Miters, Termination Ends, and End Caps shall be fabricated by Drexel to suit the conditions indicated on the Shop Drawings.
  • Provide Drexmet fasteners consistent with manufacturer’s instructions for each product that is suitable for the substrate to which it is being installed.