Construction and Remodel

Basement Wall CAD DrawingUMS can provide formed sheet metal products to a variety of industries and contractors related to the construction industry.

Siding:   insulated wall panels, commercial siding, siding trim, and metal wall building components

Window: storefront trim, sills, sill extensions, jamb flashings, head flashings and pan flashings

HVAC: custom duct work, plenums reducers, stackheads, transitions, end caps, curbs and curb covers

Low Slope Roofing: ES-1 certified coping, Es-1 certified gravel stop edge systems, counter-flashings, collectors, gutters, scuppers, downspouts, insulated wall panels, commercial siding and soffit panels

Steep Slope Roofing: metal roofing panels, , step flashings, roof edge accessories, perforated ridge closures and caps, vented and non-vented 1” commercial soffit panels

Kitchen: counter tops, splash guards and accessories

Steel Fabrication:  Light gauge fabrication, welding and design

Interior:  custom chair rail, cladding and fireplace surrounds

Chimney: flashings, caps, pans and crowns

Overhead Door: jamb and header wrap flashing